Por estas puertas entran los mejores panaderos del mundo.

In through these doors walk the best bakers in the world.

As we honor our 50th Anniversary, we wanted to celebrate the heart of Joseph’s Bakery, the people that work tirelessly to bring fresh baked bread to your families, and that is our incredible bakery employees. Stories of immigration and family are a huge part of the foundation laid by Joseph Boghos in 1972, after he and his family immigrated from Syria and later founded the Joseph’s brand you all know and love today.

original sketch concept

bringing the vision to life

In conceptualizing the mural, it was important for us to celebrate how Joseph’s Bakery was founded by and built by immigrants. The goal was to memorialize these roots and greet our bakers as they enter the bakery with flags from their home countries from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to Colombia and beyond as well as imagery of the Lawrence, MA community that we are a part of.

a family affair

The Joseph’s Bakery family extends beyond the three generations of Boghos leadership. It is with the help of more than 300 employees—some of whom have been with us for 20 years or more— we’ve been able to deliver fresh baked bread to communities for 50 years.

Our team is made up of “family first” minded immigrants who settled here to realize their American dream, just as Joseph Boghos did in 1952. Beyond simply honoring these stores, it was important for us to get our bakers, packers, shippers, production managers, and administrators involved in the installation of the mural. Within the mural many of the countries, from which our extended family hails, are represented: Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, Haiti, Lebanon, Portugal, Ecuador, Panama, El Salvador, and of course, Syria.

We wanted to introduce you to some of the team members who helped bring this mural to life.

This vision was so perfectly executed by local Boston artist, Michelle Stevens.

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