Joseph’s Bakery strives to be an environmentally and socially responsible company. We have been making real changes to help reduce our environmental impact.

food waste

· Joseph’s  has donated 3.4 million lbs. of product over the last 2 years. Via our partnership with Bright Feeds, all flatbread food scraps from our bakery production are being repurposed into nutritious animal feed that then goes to farms throughout the Northeast.

· Joseph’s provides fresh product weekly to a food pantry in Lawrence, MA. Over 250,000 packages have been donated since 2020.

· 100% of our food-grade processing oils are now in recyclable totes that are cleaned, sanitized and placed right back into the supply chain.

responsible packaging

· In 2019, Joseph’s reduced the excess plastic packaging of all flatbread bags resulting in an 8% savings in plastic materials annually, the equivalent to using 5.2 million fewer bags.

· Further initiatives include bag gauge reduction, additional bag size reductions and switching to bag components made with recycled materials.

· 100% of our unused and outdated bags are recycled to make new ones.  

· 100% of Joseph’s corrugate cardboard waste is recycled by directing it to a recycler to re-pulp the liner board for cases used to transport our products to make new boxes.

sustainable transportation

· Invested in new trucks that can achieve twice the MPG as our current fleet.

· Delivery routes made more efficient, resulting in a reduction of drive time and fuel waste.

green building operations

· Changed all bakery facility lighting to use LED technology, resulting in 30% lower electrical consumption.

· Replaced all purchasing and consumption of bottled water with water purification systems/reusable bottles.